When we began our relationship with RSL Care, we didn’t know that together, we’d be fighting the scourge of the undead.


RSL Care is a charitable organisation that supports the needs of older Australians. They were poised to roll out an organisation-wide rebrand and strategy refresh, with the intention of producing an invigorated corporate culture. To meet this requirement, they sought a fresh approach to communicating corporate values that would motivate their employees to adopt the organisational shift.

RSL Care needed an online solution that would help empower their employees to apply corporate values in a wide range of challenging situations that they faced in their day-to-day work. What they needed was an attitude shift, what they needed was to breathe new life into a diverse range of skilled workers and managers across their organisation.

They had already identified that their employees had an understanding of the behavioural expectations placed upon them by the organisation and its values, but were not actively engaged with how they could contribute to this culture in any way.


We needed something that would confront the organisation with the way things were being done and contrast them with the values RSL Care wanted to see in their employees.

We sought to provide a physical presence to the often-abstract concept of corporate values – to take them from being more than just words on a page and to demonstrate them in a relatable, engaging way with a limited budget and bandwidth capacities.

The solution we provided engaged hearts and minds through simple but clever interactions, interesting visuals, and in particular, an effective use of humour.


We wanted to directly challenge our learners and confront them with a mirror of some of the self-limiting behaviours that were preventing them from living the RSL Care values. The zombie characters echoed the passive, un-empowered approaches that were being witnessed around the workplace.

They provided a useful frame of reference for what behaviours to avoid, and introduced an inherently intriguing concept that proved a means for effective and engaging use of humour. They were starkly contrasted by a collection of champions, men and women who lived and breathed RSL Care values.

We had created a very clear example of what was expected whilst also diminishing any resistance to change with a single concept. Nobody wants to be a zombie.

The training was never meant to be mandatory; it was simply part of RSL Care’s corporate reinvigoration. But RSL Care was brave and ready to continue to challenge themselves. They took another drastic departure from tradition. They were going to roll this project out to a small, targeted pilot group, rather than roll it out to everyone, they weren’t going to schedule time out of the workday for it to be done and they weren’t going to offer compensation; all the things that their organisation usually did when implementing e-learning. It was daring to say the least.

The client would have been satisfied with 20% of their workforce sitting the course. However, not long into its tenure, the course went viral and within 6 weeks of the rollout, over 80% of their employees organisation-wide had viewed the course, it’s success largely due to word of mouth.

What started as a small group of ten or so people exploded into first the hundreds, and then the thousands.