Most businesses have days to consider sensitive decisions around people management, conflict resolution, and leadership before taking action. But in the air, crew members have minutes, even seconds, to act in the best interests of all involved under turbulent circumstances.


Our client had worked as an airline cabin manager for over 25 years, fine-tuning their emotional intelligence, people management, and conflict resolution skills along the way.  It wasn’t long into his tenure as a cabin manager before the thought touched down in his mind; what if the principles of exceptional in-flight service and the skills and qualities it requires were used to help businesses excel at any altitude?

The vision was getting clearer every day: the Life in Flight program would help leadership groups and their teams to develop and strengthen emotional intelligence, communication skills, and leadership qualities, regardless of what business they came from.


What our client needed was more than just an animator or designer. They needed a source they could unreservedly trust in collaboration, one that could provide creative direction on all elements of their vision.

We quickly knew the Life in Flight program needed to be a blended solution that offered two core elements. The first, Flight, was to be an online course suite that used stories from the sky to help learners develop soft skills that could be used in any environment.

The second, Refuel, was to be a face-to-face suite that coached small organisational teams in navigating everyday challenges through collaboration and creativity.

The tone and feel of the programs began to take shape as the storyboarding process began, and together, we taxied this vision to the runway.


Sleek, streamlined, aerodynamic visuals added to an impactful script and concept, enhancing our client’s already formidable storytelling skills. The execution helped deliver an emotionally engaging solution that accomplishes the goal of transferring the soft skills that years of in-flight leadership have honed.

For years, our client yearned to pass on what they’d learnt from decades of fine-tuning their emotional intelligence, people management, and conflict resolution skills as a cabin crew manager to anyone who wanted to raise themselves to greater heights, regardless of what business they came from.

All they needed were the right engineers – people who could not only build their grand vision, but suggest and implement improvements of their own, while conducting the necessary fine-tuning to ensure a spectacular final product.