The Coffee Club and The e-Learning Company collaborated so you get that perfect cup, every visit.


The Coffee Club have built a business on consistently excellent coffee. With restaurants spread across the country they work hard to ensure that each barista has the skills needed to make every coffee excellent. Effective training was applied to maintain quality, and ensure no matter which restaurant you visit you can confidently order your favourite coffee.



Making excellent coffee is part art, part science. Training people in the ‘art of coffee’ means teaching ‘rules of thumb’ and letting learners develop and eye and an ear for the sensory cues that indicate how each coffee is developing. We worked closely with the expert coffee trainers to observe as they created excellent coffee. We then applied first person video to recreate scenarios that allowed users simulate the choices made during the preparation, and experiment along the way.



As a franchise with a large geographic spread, online training offered the flexibility needed to increase and reinforce barista knowledge. e-Learning offered a low cost way to effectively train people across a wide network. The multitude of decisions made throughout the course allows employees to find their own way and helped them learn from experience. The ability to see the training through first-person video helped learners connect with the scenarios and aided the barista as they then applied their new knowledge at the coffee machine.

The course delivered great results for Coffee Club, and excellent coffee for us all.