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How to keep new starters from becoming new leavers

Considerable effort and investment has been applied to finding a new team member. One person stands out above the rest of the applicants and you’ve welcomed them to the team. No, wait..they’re leaving? It is a story that is more common than you might think. 47 percent of new starters are reported to leave within… Read more


6 e-Learning Design Tips

By Toby Hewitt, Head of e-Learning It is common for Subject Matter Experts (SME) and project stakeholders to request that their e-learning contain some form of interaction. Usually a ‘quiz’. It could be questions at the end of a series of slides, or it could be an interactive scenario. They serve as a means to show understanding and… Read more


The Future of e-Learning is Spaced

By Toby Hewitt, Head of e-Learning To help e-learning initiatives achieve a demonstrable ROI we need to address the most basic of learning principles – spaced learning. This principle says we need to have multiple learning opportunities to activate desired behaviours. The face-to-face training session, the webinar, the e-learning module; all are doomed to fail without… Read more


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