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6 e-Learning Design Tips

By Toby Hewitt, Head of e-Learning It is common for Subject Matter Experts (SME) and project stakeholders to request that their e-learning contain some form of interaction. Usually a ‘quiz’. It could be questions at the end of a series of slides, or it could be an interactive scenario. They serve as a means to show understanding and… Read more


The Future of e-Learning is Spaced

By Toby Hewitt, Head of e-Learning To help e-learning initiatives achieve a demonstrable ROI we need to address the most basic of learning principles – spaced learning. This principle says we need to have multiple learning opportunities to activate desired behaviours. The face-to-face training session, the webinar, the e-learning module; all are doomed to fail without… Read more


Compliance is Serious, But The Way It’s Trained Is A Joke

How many compliance courses does it take to be compliant? D) All of the above. Jokes aside, what does this tell us about the state of compliance training? It seems that most organisations’ compliance courses arn’t about training. They are about being seen to be compliant should anyone check. Not a penny more is invested than is required. In fact, invested… Read more


7 Secrets to Designing Effective and Engaging e-Learning

Why is it that some online learning initiatives succeed, while others are destined to be desolate digital deserts of wasted time, effort and money? Is there a secret to great e-learning? There are many experts, local and international, who weigh in on ‘the recipe for e-learning success’. We subscribe to their blogs, we attend their… Read more


Enter Nirvana with the 15 Paths to e-Learning Enlightenment

The principle teaching of Buddha, The Noble Eightfold Path, will lead you to the end of suffering and the achievement of self-awakening. When designing e-learning, there too, is a need for such a path; a light to illuminate our learners’ minds without weighing down their souls with content. This is our contribution to such a… Read more


Who are you in the e-Learning Zoo?

Things get pretty rough in the untamed land of e-learning. Each and every creature in this land has its own unique set of abilities and limitations, and only the fittest survive! Despite the dangers that abound, we here at The e-Learning Company have managed to ensnare and tame some of the most prominent beasts of… Read more


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