Induction training that’s out of this world.

Launch I.T. is a new approach to Induction Training. It is an interactive, entertaining & fully qualitative program that is adaptable to suit any business.

So, Welcome Aboard

The program asks the inductee to join as a new recruit on their first day aboard a state-of-the-art spacecraft tasked with exploring the furthest uncharted reaches of space… But, before the crew can set off on their exciting adventure they must wait for the new recruit to pass basic training & collect the Launch Codes needed to take off!


Induction Training that Entertains and Engages

The course steps a learner through multiple modules utilising an entertaining narrative to connect with them and hold their attention. An interesting story coupled with exciting visuals creates an experience that resonates with the learner. This means Launch I.T. provides an organisation with the tools necessary to thoroughly induct new employees properly conveying all the important information needed day one in a way that will stick with new starters.


A Customisable Experience

First impressions last and induction training is crucial to welcoming new starters. It is one of the first impressions a new employee has when they begin a new job. The training lets them know what is expected of them, what the corporate values are, how they are expected to behave, and how they should interact with those around them.

Not all businesses want to induct employees in the same fashion. Organisations have unique values and expectations from staff. This is why each ‘Flight Deck’ can be easily adjusted to reflect the needs of individual organisations. Training modules are accessible aboard the ‘Flight Deck’ and this is where our user’s training begins. As they explore the ship they complete training modules.

Welcome your new recruits the right way. Contact us for more information.