Considerable effort and investment has been applied to finding a new team member. One person stands out above the rest of the applicants and you’ve welcomed them to the team. No, wait..they’re leaving? It is a story that is more common than you might think. 47 percent of new starters are reported to leave within the first 90 days, and it may be due to poor employee induction processes.

What’s the cost?

The cost of losing a new starter is often reported to be half their salary. It’s easy to imagine when you consider the repeated costs of recruitment, training, onboarding, outsourcing or production downtime.

Why do they leave?

Starting a new job is often daunting. You can be unsure of your place in things, what’s expected of you, workplace procedures, who can assist with tasks, or even where the bathroom is located. You need to get it right from the start if you are to persuade your latest addition to the team from leaving prematurely, and that means setting the right tone and providing the information required to become a productive and happy colleague.

It’s startling that in Australia 47% of new employees leave within the first 18 weeks.

First impressions count.

Perhaps the statistics aren’t that strange when you consider another fact – just 32 percent of Australian companies have a formal onboarding process. This dissatisfaction often results from a lack of comfort in the environment or inability to effectively perform job tasks. Setting people up to succeed is critical for staff retention.

How employers handle the first few days and months of a new employee’s experience is crucial. The Aberdeen Group reported that 66 percent of companies with onboarding programs claimed higher rates of successful adoption of company culture. According to the study onboarding programs lead to 62 percent of new starters having greater productivity. Getting your induction process right results in real benefits.

e-Learning induction programs

Online learning tools offer an excellent way to help onboard staff. Courses with a considered learner experience are streamlined, purposeful and entertaining, and offer a powerful and cost-efficient addition to your onboarding program. High quality induction content is a great way to help new team members assimilate into the business by giving them the tools needed to understand their role, learn about the business’s mission and values, and set the tone with learning experiences that resonate. It’s about teaching what’s needed get started, so that learners connect with their position and have fun in the role.

An online learning program has many benefits:

Decrease operational costs by reducing face-to-face training time.

Deliver consistent and accurate messages. Achieve 100 percent compliance in a controlled and consistent manner. Online training fulfils your legal obligation to train a new worker in safe work practices.

Available anywhere, even before their first day. It means new starters can confidently come into the office armed with the information needed. Learners can access their induction training when and where they need to.