When you want the best possible outcome, you need courseware that is designed to achieve important behavioural changes. We build tailored solutions to unique business problems, that are created on tried and tested principles to ensure an effective learning experience.

Our custom courseware is modelled to immerse learners in meaningful and relevant scenarios.

We believe that through experiences and engaging stories, learning is enhanced which accommodates important organisational needs, such as, productivity, employee satisfaction, workplace safety, or employee product knowledge. With this belief we have designed and delivered over 12,000 SCORM compliant organisationally specific e-learning courses, issuing over 2.6 million certificates of completion.



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Get an insight into our work by exploring our portfolio. No two problems are ever the same but we have been very successful applying our methodology and process to tackle unique organisational issues.

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We use the following methodologies in our courseware to deliver effective learning experiences:

  • Branch Logic – Motivates learners to make meaningful decisions and learn from their mistakes
  • Adaptive Feedback – Guided learning based on individual needs
  • Risk v Reward – Learning content that includes an important challenge and reward
  • Custom Graphics – An enhanced experience through powerful visual communication
  • User Experience – Digital experiences that aren’t a challenge to access
  • Multi-platform – Designed to be used wherever, whenever, however it is needed
  • Rapid Authoring Tools – Utilising class-leading software for Rapid outcomes

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