We believe in a world where e-learning helps people get better at their job, faster. Where e-learning challenges people to apply skills and knowledge and where success is measured through performance, not seat time.

At The e-Learning Company, we focus on inspiring people to learn. This means when our users interact with the courseware they are drawn into the activity in a way in which they connect with the learning.

We do more than simply present information. The e-Learning Company’s instructional design takes your workforce on a journey to gather knowledge, and importantly, gives them the opportunity to test that knowledge. It is all about learning through doing, and doing courses that are meaningful and captivating.

Every e-learning program we create revolves around our 8 key principles:

  1. Make the learner seek the needed information.
  2. Make the courses entertaining and eliminate words where possible.
  3. Require the learner to pay careful attention to detail.
  4. Put questions in a meaningful context.
  5. Through question examples build repetition to aid the learner’s memory.
  6. Hold the learner accountable.
  7. Create multi-step challenges where you test items simultaneously.
  8. Build constructed responses.

How we apply these principles is guided by your goals and your corporate culture. We collaborate with key stakeholders and stay focused on what matters to you and to your workforce.

Contact us for more information on how to inspire learning in your organisation.