We are an award-winning, class-leading e-learning business who have specialised in effective and creative solutions. We have designed and delivering unique solutions for businesses for 15 years.

We have seen over 2.6 million completion certifications during the life of our business. The results have helped people to be better at their jobs, increasing efficiency and employee satisfaction.

We are passionate about e-learning. We are an established collective of meticulous thinkers who want to empower your workforce.

We are able to do this through our team of diverse specialists. As part of the Cutting Edge Group, we have access to the collective of talent that is the best in the country. This gives us the capability to deliver your e-learning content in a more engaging, interactive and personalised course. Through compelling courseware we stimulate a willingness in users to actively participate and learn.

Bringing our experience in learning and development, production and creative together results in exciting courses which connect with users and their real-world experiences. With a solution-based approach we keep your objectives front and center across the breadth of a project.

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