Remarkable e-learning tools change behaviour, educate and empower.

We believe that by creating hands on, engaging and entertaining content, users are left with experiences that resonate. Our creative outcomes positively impact behaviour and the bottom line.

Well-executed e-learning is powerful. An e-learning solution supports business with unparalleled accessibility, efficiency and quality control. When developed and deployed properly e-learning is effective, engaging and entertaining. The e-Learning Company was created to find solutions to complex workforce issues and our training solutions offer powerful benefits which include:

Lower costs

Your upfront investment is rewarded by diminished ongoing expenses. With economies-of-scale the cost per employee is often considerably lower than face-to-face training.


Unlike face-to-face training, e-learning can be delivered over and over again with consistent accuracy. It’s a great way to grow company culture consistently across an organisation.

Flexible delivery

Digital interactions that engage, educate and change the way employees do their jobs can be completed between tasks, at any hour, independently. Learning can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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